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Recorded by Bob Dylan, Columbia Recording Studios, Nashville, TN, May 3, 1969.
Released on "Self Portrait", Jun 8, 1970.

Likely source: The Everly Brothers;
related in theme to "Give My Love To Rose" (Johnny Cash), also covered by Dylan.
Lyrics as performed by Bob Dylan, transcribed by Manfred Helfert.

These are the words of a frontier lad
Who lost his love when he turned bad:

Take a message to Mary,
But don't tell her where I am.
Take a message to Mary,
But don't say I'm in a jam.
You can tell her that I had to see the world,
Tell her that my ship set sail.
Vou can say she'd better not wait for me,
But don't tell her I'm in jail,
Oh don't tell her I'm in jail.

Take a message to Mary,
But don't tell her what I've done.
Please don't mention the stagecoach,
And the shot from a careless gun.
You better tell her that I had to change my plans
And cancel out the wedding day,
But please don't mention my lonely cell
Where I'm gonna pine away
Until my dying day.

Take a message to Mary,
But don't tell her all you know.
My heart is aching for Mary,
Lord knows I miss her so.
Just tell her that I went to Timbuktu,
Tell her that I'm searching for gold.
You can say she better find someone new
To cherish and to hold.
Oh Lord, this cell is cold.

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