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Recorded by Bob Dylan with Doug Sahm (Sir Douglas Quintet), lead vocal/fiddle; Ken Kosek, fiddle; Charlie Owens, steel, Atlantic Recording Studios, New York, NY, Oct 1-14, 1972 (released on "Doug Sahm and Band, " Atlantic SD-7254, Dec 1972).

Transcribed by Manfred Helfert.

This is a song now about my hometown...

Rain drippin' off the brim of my hat, it sure looks cold today.
Here I am a-walkin' down 66, wish she hadn't done me this way.
Sleepin' under a table in a roadside park, a man could wake up dead;
But it sure seemed warmer than it did sleepin' in my king-size bed.

Is anybody goin' to San Antone or Phoenix, Arizona?
Any place is all right as long as I can forget I've ever known her.
Wind whippin' down the neck of my shirt like I aint got nothin' on;
But I'd rather fight the wind and rain than what I was fightin' at home.
Yonder goes a truck with the U.S. mail for people writin' letters back home.
Well, tomorrow she'll want me back again and I'll be just as gone.

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