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Scottish traditional singer (born Apr 28, 1937 in Edinburgh, Scotland), performer, and recording artist.

Arrived in New York in March 1961 (via Philadelphia, PA):

...Bob and Evelyne Beers drove through Philly and stopped to see Ken [Goldstein] and Rochelle and discovering that I was thinking of going to New York, said, "If you're headed for New York, we'll give you a ride." So they gave me a ride to the city, and they took me to Miki Isaacson's apartment in Greenwich Village. It was a Thursday afternoon and we walked in on a jam session with Dylan, Jack Elliott and the Greenbriar Boys, who were working at Gerde's at the time.
So essentially what happened is that I walked into the hard-core folk scene in Greenwich Village, and, by going to that apartment, I met everyone who was doing this for a living.

One of the highlights of my career was playing Gerde's Folk City in 1961, six weeks after I landed in New York City...

Kristin Baggelaar & Donald Milton, The Folk Music Encyclopedia, London, 1977, pp. 309-310.

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