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Covered by Dylan (offstage) during 1965 British tour (uncirculated "Don't Look Back" footage), during "Self Portrait" sessions, Apr 1969, and during 1986 tour (duets with Tom Petty).

I wrote "I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know" in 1947, but it wasn't recorded until 1953. It was turned down by nearly everybody in the business. The song stems from an old saying. So many times I've heard people say "I forgot more than you'll ever know about this job or this thing or whatever." I thought it would be a good idea for a song because everybody was already familiar with the title. This song was not written from true life. If every songwriter wrote true things about himself, most wives would have left long ago.

Interview, Nashville, TN, Jun 5, 1973; reprinted in Dorothy Horstman, Sing Your Heart Out, Country Boy, New York, 1976, p. 175.

You think you know the smile on her lips,
The thrill at the touch of her fingertips,
But I forgot more than you'll ever know about her.

You think you'll find a heaven of bliss
In each caress, each tender kiss,
But I forgot more than you'll ever know about her.

You stole her love from me one day,
You didn't care how you hurt me,
But you can never steal away
Memories of what used to be.

You think she's yours to have and to hold,
Someday you'll learn when her love grows cold
That I forgot more than you'll ever know about her.

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