Bob Dylan (with "Greenbriar Boys" Ralph Rinzler & John Herald), 1961 (John Cohen)

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From the McKenzie manuscripts, Summer 1961
first transcribed by Chris C. in "Isis", No. 44, Aug-Sep 1992.

A variant of "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down", performed by Bob Dylan at State Theatre, Sydney, AUS, 13 Apr 1992, and Tradgards Foreningen, Gothenburg, S, Jun 28, 1992.

Don't let my deal go down,
Don't let my deal go down,
Till your last gold dollar is gone.
Till your last gold dollar is gone.

I've been all around this,
Been down to sunny meadows.
My mother always tell me son,
Never let your deal go down.

Last time I see my gal of mine.
She's standing at the door.
Said honey I be a long time gone.
You'll ne'er see around me no more.

I'm going down the ** ***
Gonna take my rockin' chair
If these old blues don't get me down
I'm gonna rock away from here.

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