(Bob Dylan)

Bob Dylan (with "Greenbriar Boys" Ralph Rinzler & John Herald), 1961 (John Cohen)

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Recorded by Bob Dylan (as "Blind Boy Grunt") for "Broadside" magazine, Jan-Feb 1963
released on "Broadside," (BR 301), 1963.
Lyrics as reprinted in liner notes.

© 1962 by author

This is all about where the devil is. Some people say there's no devil.

Well, sometimes you can't see him so good,
When he hides his head 'neath a snow white hood,
And rides to kill with his face well hid,
And then goes home to his wife and kids.
Wonder if his kids know who he is?

Well, he wants you to hate and he wants you to fear,
Wants you to fear something that's not even there.
He'll give you your hate, and he'll give you his lies,
He'll give you the weapons to run out and die.
And you give him your soul.

That's just two verses to it.

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